Visa to Schengen & Europe from Thailand

We are assisting with Visa to many counties in Europe & Schengen for Thais. Our job is to making it easier to apply and obtain a visa to Europe & Schengen for a Thai (including UK, England or Britain) for both the applicant and the sponsor. We are also helping with Visa to Australia.

We are not just another Visa Agent, but an accredited Consulting Firm, helping with Visa Applications to Europe, Schengen and Australia.

Even it might look easy; it is not easy for anyone. Maybe the part in Thailand thinks it is difficult, or maybe the sponsor thinks it is difficult to apply for a Visa to Europe & Schengen for a Thai. However, sometimes they just want someone to fix and coordinate the Visa to Schengen & Europe because they are busy.

But making a Visa Application is not just to fill in a form, because the Visa Application has to match the reality – and the applicant has to know, what is going on. Some Visa Agents are filling in the forms, without the applicant actual knows what is written in the form, and some of them are even signing the form on behalf of the applicant. This is wrong and not legal.

Here are some samples of countries where we can assist with the visa:

We are looking forward to serve you.

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