100 million baht in Sinsort

Asian Sweetheart: “In Thai tradition, at least in the past, couples who get married were usually from the same or similar social and economic class. The amount of sinsort is what the groom can afford and thinks is appropriate for their class. So people from very wealthy families with a big family name offer a very large sinsort. Bangkok middle class less. And rural villagers even less. But that gets all messed up when a foreigner marries a Thai lady. Normally he doesn’t have a social standing in Thai society. He might try to figure out what level he would be if he was Thai based on how much money he has. Often that leads to him assuming a fairly high social standing, which means a pretty large sinsort. But so often he is marrying a girl who does not have a social standing at such a high level. So there is a mismatch that would not normally be present with a Thai couple. The other problem is that although the man has money like a hi-so Thai person he doesn’t have the family name.”

Interessant betragtning.

Indlægget handler dog om Tata Young. Læs det her.

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